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Brand awareness means the level of consciousness or recognition consumers have about a particular brand or product under different conditions. Undoubtedly, it plays an important role for every business as it is one of the most powerful drivers in convincing a consumer to recollect a product and eventually purchase it.  So, it has a connection with the functions of visual brand identity in the consumers’ memory. And no business can ignore the importance of expanding brand awareness. That is why businesses always strive to increase brand awareness and look for how to spread brand awareness.

But they have to measure brand awareness regularly to assess what works for their brands and what does not. However, measuring brand awareness is one of the most challenging things for every business. In this article, we will define how to measure brand awareness differently.

Some Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

Every time business owners think about measuring brand awareness, they first consider whether they need an experienced branding agency to do that. It is not mandatory to hire an agency to measure brand awareness. Instead, they can perform in-house brand tracking to measure brand awareness. However, performing in-house brand tracking is not at all an easy task.

There are many things to consider while measuring brand awareness, but it largely depends on how deeply they want to dive into and what metrics match mostly with their campaigns and strategies. We will provide you with tried and tested ways to measure brand awareness based on brand awareness metrics.

1. Launch a Brand Awareness Survey

Launching a brand awareness survey is the best bet for you to measure your brand awareness. Whether you prefer to conduct the survey over the phone, email, or website, you can either ask the existing consumers how they come to know about you or randomly select a group of people and ask them how much they are familiar with your brand. The first approach will give you an idea of how much they perceive your brand, and the second approach will give you an understanding of how many people remember it.

However, it is important to have a clear brand strategy in your mind while planning to launch a brand awareness survey. You should consider the following things:

  • What are you measuring? Is it spontaneous brand recognition or brand recall?
  • Are you trying to observe how much your targeted consumers know about what exactly your brand does?
  • What is their sentiment towards your brand?

2. Take a Deeper Look at the Website Traffic

Measuring website traffic is one of the reliable ways to get a clear insight into brand awareness. But you should look in the right places. No doubt, you don’t need any expensive or difficult tools to look into this. You can easily head over to Google Analytics to measure website traffic.

It tracks the accurate number of people who typed your company’s URL on their address bar, used any targeted keyword to reach your website, saved it as a browser bookmark, or clicked on your company’s link from any promotional email. A deeper look at this over time will give you a clear idea about the changes in brand awareness.

But, nowadays, it has become more difficult for Google Analytical users to track the accurate number of people who have used the targeted keywords to reach your website. And the reason is quite simple. Since October 2011, Google has permanently shifted to a secure search platform. So, measuring the traffic based on keyword searching has become more difficult as most keyword data are hidden due to privacy issues.

However, not all brands depend on a website to sell their products. Considering the example of any consumer goods manufacturer, most sales will likely come from supermarkets instead of their official website. In such cases, website traffic data will surely not give them the exact idea of how brand awareness drives their sales.

3. Focus on Search Volume Data

Are you experiencing that your website traffic has gained a significant boost? No doubt, it’s great for your business. But if you look at this deeply, you will surely be able to identify one important brand awareness metric: search volume. It will give you an idea about the amount of traffic driving into your website and what keywords they’re using to reach there. You can easily head over to Google Analytics tools to find what you are looking for.

4. Check the Number of Followers on Social Media

There is no doubt about the number of your social media follower, how much your reach is expanded, and how many people are aware of your brand.  You can assume that people who follow you on social media are interested in your products. So, you can clearly picture your brand awareness by measuring your social media followers.

5. Use of Brand Tracking Software

Nowadays, you can find many brand tracking software available on the internet, and each of them can help you to conduct a brand tracking survey. These kinds of software will give you full visibility of data that comes on an everyday basis. With the help of these data, you can easily measure brand awareness and other things like brand sentiment, NPS, and many more. And you can easily make the adjustment in brand strategy for brand development.

6. Keep a Consistent Look at How Your Content is Performing

Measuring brand awareness is not all about counting the number of people that are well aware of your brand. Instead, it is also important to get a complete idea of how your content, like blog posts, social media content, videos, etc., has been performing and how much it is contributing to increasing brand awareness. You can easily head over to the analytical tools on your preferred social media platform. 

Nowadays, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn will provide you with detailed insight into how much your content is contributed to views and engagement. If you want to improve on those segments, you can contact any experienced and creative agency.  The benefits of using a creative agency to spread brand awareness are immense.

Final Thoughts

If the number of potential consumers who can recall your brand matter most to your business, then it is essential for you to develop ways to measure brand awareness. You can use any of the above tactics to measure brand awareness. However, we cannot ignore the benefits of brand strategists. Besides creating a strong brand strategy, they can assist you in every step to improve your brand design and measure brand awareness in different ways.

We at Keltech Designs help businesses to create and maintain a powerful and relevant brand story. All our visual brand identity-building services speak for creative excellence, and our impeccable research and analysis go behind the output. So, get in touch with us and see how your business is transformed into a popular brand.  


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