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Vogue Visage Word Mark Logo Design Keltech Designs

Word Mark Logo Design

Word Mark logo design types consist of professional, licensed fonts only. Examples of such are Google or FedEx.

Symbol/Icon Logo Design

K5 Logo Design Keltech Designs Graphic Designer
Kendras Boutique Logo Design Keltech Designs Graphic Designer

Monogram/Lettermark Logo Design

Combination Mark Logo Design

Pretty Tingz by T Logo Design Keltech Designs Graphic Designer
Sweet Stylez Complex Illustration Logo Design Keltech Designs Graphic Designer

Complex Illustration Logo Design

All Logo Design Service features


Make changes to your desired logo as much as you desire during the Creative Process.


Turnaround times vary between 48 hours to 5 days depending on client revisions and which logo design type is chosen.


Complete with final file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, EPS, PDF. AI available for an additional fee.

how we do what we do

With excellent precision and a keen eye for detail, our Creative Process goes smoothly. Check out the steps below.

1. Design Brief

After cleared payment, our KD Logo Design Questionnaire is sent via email within a few hours. This gives our Creative Superheroes a detailed analysis of your preferences.

2. Design Creation

Initial design concepts created based on your preferences are sent via email for thorough review. Take your time during this step. This will be the face of your growing brand.

3. Client Revisions

This is where your expertise comes in. Request changes to design concepts or simply request new design concepts. We offer unlimited revisions with our professional Logo Design service.

4. Mission Success

Once final approval is given,  a digital folder containing all final files and formats including a Transfer of Copyright Agreement is sent via email. Time to start shining.

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