The ultimate outcome is the completion of a successful project and a lasting connection with our valuable clients. Although it is our priority to honor our client’s requests, there are certain limitations to our responsibilities. Please read our Policies pertaining to your project below which details the roles of ourselves and our clients.

We provide all prospective clients with access to an extensive portfolio to review prior to hiring us for project work to ensure comfortability with the quality of our work and to assess the fit between our team and needed skills to execute a website design and development project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to making a payment for our services.

Your privacy is important as well as our own. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Design Policies and Guidelines

Starting A Design Project

For WordPress Website Design and Shopify Website Design, your dedicated Creative Superhero will use Asana which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Pay Store for Android devices. 

Design Ownership Rights

Full ownership rights are transferred to the client upon successful completion of a design project and all monies have been paid in full.

We use shared folders through Google Drive for the delivery of your final design files. These files are only accessible for up to one year from the date of completion. It is recommended to download your files and keep them in a safe and convenient place for your keeping. We understand there are times when these files can be misplaced or lost, we offer a Logo Folder Replacement service for a fee. 

We understand there are life situations that may arise that will cause a delay in the progress of a project. Communication is the most effective method for a mutually, successful resolution. If there is no communication regarding your design project after 60 days, Keltech Designs reserves the right to terminate the project with all fees NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment Policies and Guidelines

Hosting Payments

Hosting payments are due on the date specified on your account invoice. Failure to pay unpaid invoices after 60 days may result in termination of account. Failure to communicate effectively regarding your product and services may result in termination of your account.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Keltech Designs offers a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month payment term for our Social Media Missions. A minimum term of 3 months is required to start this service. You may renew at any term after the initial term of service. You may also cancel this service if desired after the minimum term has been met. Please submit a ‘Cancelation Request‘ through your KD Account.

For all social media campaigns and other marketing services provided, the client is ultimately responsible for the review and approval of all content put into the market prior to distribution.  Keltech Designs will provide proofs for review by the client, which requires formal written acknowledgment of review completion prior to Keltech Design’s execution of the campaign or marketing tactic. Any delays in the timely review of these pieces may result in the delay of tactic deployment. In such circumstances, Keltech Designs is not responsible, nor beholding to the client for any reimbursement or credit for agreed-upon work. As a courtesy to our clients, payment schedules for campaigns and recurring marketing services may be invoiced on a monthly or quarterly basis, dependent upon client preference. All recurring payments are due no later than the preferred start date of deployment in order to commence work. Any client payment delays will result in campaign/project delays. Clients may cancel and renew without penalty provided 60-day notice via the KD Account associated with the service. Keltech Designs may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice to the client.

Super Project Payments

Super Projects include WordPress Website Design and Shopify Website Design. Deposit fees or payments made in full are required prior to the initiation of any design project. Due to the intricate time, attention, and creativity invested in your project, deposit fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Website Policies and Guidelines


Payments for custom design projects are made to us in increments as a courtesy to the client. If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are retained by Keltech Designs.

Deposit fees or payments made in full are required in order to initiate any website design project. Due to the intricate time, attention, and creativity invested in your website design project, deposit fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Website Design Ownership Rights

Full ownership rights are transferred to the client upon successful completion of a website design project and all monies have been paid in full.

The client does not have reseller rights to the design and development of the website.

Any website hosted with Keltech Designs must keep all site software, plugins, and themes up-to-date. This will prevent hackers from exploiting any security vulnerabilities. Keltech Designs reserves the right to terminate any website that has not been updated to its most current site software, plugins, and/or theme versions. To learn more about how to keep your site secure, please read How to Update a WordPress site.

Domain Ownership

It is the responsibility of the client to keep your site domain registration current. Domain name renewals are the responsibility of the client. If you choose to purchase your domain through Keltech Designs, an invoice is issued 30 days prior to its renewal date to avoid hosting service interruptions. Email may also be disrupted due to an expired domain.

Website Development and Maintenance Services

Cancellation requests for website maintenance and/or website development services requiring automatic payment must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the next billing date. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the payment method is also canceled with the payment provider. Keltech Designs will not complete manual payments for the customer.

Project Cancelations

In the event of cancellation of any design project, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by the Designer.

Policy Revisions

Keltech Designs reserves the right to make changes to any of its policies at any time for any reason.

Updated: November 19, 2022