File Format Uses for Your New Logo

Below is a list of file format uses for your new logo.

After your logo design is finalized, you will receive a link to a shared Google Drive folder for downloading. This folder is available for a period of up to one year. Please download your entire folder and store it securely for recordkeeping. There is a fee of $100.00 for the replacement of final logo design folders after the one-year period has expired.

Need a logo design folder replacement? Please submit a KD Support Ticket to our Creative Division here to get started. 

Format Type Uses
Most commonly used format. Ideal for rich-color photos and web images (doesn't support transparency)
Widely used in animation (supports transparent background). Great for clipart, drawings, and illustrations.
Alternative to GIF format. (supports transparent background)
Windows file format. 
Used for vector graphics 
Used for printing files such as brand manuals or ebooks.
Widely used for print. Not suitable for digital use.