Cancel My Hosting Account

We would hate to see you to go!

The information is this help article will outlined the steps required to cancel your hosting account.

Canceling Your Hosting Account

You can choose to cancel your hosting account at any time within 30 days of signing up or wait until the end of the billing term.

There are several steps to take prior to canceling your hosting account:

  1. Please be sure to backup all necessary files, databases and/or emails. Once the hosting account is deleted, we are unable to retrieve any data lost.
  2. Login to KD Account.
  3. Click ‘Services’ from the Client Area screen.
  4. Select the hosting plan you wish to cancel.
  5. Choose ‘Request Cancelation’ from the left sidebar.
  6. Briefly describe your reason for canceling. This will give our team feedback to improve our services.
  7. If you have an active domain and wish to cancel this service, please check the ‘I confirm I do not want to renew this domain again’ box. If this box is left uncheck, Keltech Designs is not reliable for any recurring charges thereafter.
  8. Choose a Cancellation Type and click Request Cancelation.



Refund by Paypal

If your hosting account payments were made by Paypal, refunds are usually received within 24 hours. Please be sure to cancel any recurring subscriptions by logging into your Paypal account.