Website Maintenance

Keep your website fresh with content updates

New fresh, creative content and current updates increase your website’s digital presence. It also assists with increase search engine exposure which results in higher search engine rankings. The more unique and current the website’s content is drives the results even higher.

Routine website maintenance is key to maintaining the long-growth and success of a website. Consistent development builds the website’s ‘strength’ across the internet. Not only does is this beneficial to the longevity of your website, it also builds brand value and an awesome brand reputation.


View all of the features below included in our KD Website Maintenance service.

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Use of your business industry's currently trending keywords assist with increase rankings.

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Speed Optimization

Website speed is a must when displaying important information along with high quality images.

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With our CodeGuard Backup feature, we maintain a weekly backup of your website.

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Content Updates

Creative and unique, written and design content updates to stay your website fresh and current.

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We keep a watchful eye out for all WordPress and/or website security updates.

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digital marketing

Receive monthly, tailored tips on how your website can team up with your social media platform.

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Ready to Get Started?

Let's Do It. KD Website Maintenance is available in bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly options.

The development of a successful your website is built over time. This is completed with a dedicated Creative Superhero. Remember, Amazon started out as a website. Take charge of your website growth today. Let’s co-create!

*For existing websites only.

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